ETM-008 PLUS | Unidirectional TRS Microphone Set

3.5mm TRS Unidirectional Microphone Set – Unidirectional Microphone (ETM-008), a Lavalier Cable (EL-013), and a Furry Windscreen (EWS-004)

The ETM-008 PLUS is a 3.5mm TRS Unidirectional Microphone Set which includes the EWS-004 premium furry windscreen, so you can take the microphone outside in windy conditions. With the set, you can record the sound you want, block the sound you don’t want.

The  EDUTIGE ETM-008 PLUS includes :

  • ETM-008 microphone : Unidirectional 3.5mm TRS microphone, ideal for recording interviews and making videos. The microphone only captures sounds from directly in front of the mic. This means other sounds around you are rejected and won’t interfere with your recording.
  • 1.3mm (4.3ft) cable with a lapel clip
  • Foam Windscreen
  • Furry Windscreen (EDUTIGE EWS-004 Black)
  • Premium Pouch