ETA-001 | 3-Pole Extension Cable For ETM Series Microphones

The ETA-001 is the 3m (9.8ft) extension cable with the microphone holder.

The ETA-001 is a 9.8ft long extension cable for ETM series microphones such as the ETM-001 and ETM-008. What’s unique about the ETA-001 is that it has a magnetic base, allowing you to mount the extension on most metal surfaces. It also comes with a metal plate that has an adhesive backing so you can still mount the ETA-001 even if you don’t have a metal surface.

The ETA-001 is perfect for:

  • Placing a microphone closer to the action but keeping your camera or digital voice recorder in a safe place
  • Interviews or videos where the subject is further away from the recorder or camer
  • Securing an ETM-001 microphone inside a vehicle, on a table, wherever you can imagine.

Don’t want the magnetic base? Check out the EL-030. Don’t want the magnetic base and want a 16 ft long cable? Check out the EL-050.