What we believe in

We believe that technology should enhance our lives, make us more productive, and work reliably when we need it to.

What we do

EDUTIGE specializes in designing and manufacturing the world’s best microphones for the iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note and the GoPro series of action cams.

We noticed a lack of quality-built, compact microphones that produce high quality sound and wanted to fix that.

So we set out with the goal to build microphone products that match the level of quality found in Apple and Samsung mobile devices and the GoPro cameras.

We believe that our microphones exceed the performance and quality of our competitors and offer a superior experience for our customers.

We will continue working on improving existing products and introducing new products to help you get the best possible sound when you need it.

Where we are

EDUTIGE is based in Seoul, South Korea and proudly manufactures all our products here to ensure high quality workmanship and service to our customers worldwide.

We also have regional offices in the U.S. and Germany to serve our customers and partners in North America, South America and Europe.

Thank you and looking forward to helping you “Boost Your Sound!”